Sunday, August 16, 2015

Roxborough and Pinestock

Yesterday morning, Ann took me hiking at Roxborough State Park. The rock formations were incredible; these aren't even the Rockies proper, and they're still amazing. I actually have yet to get up into the Rockies; I'm planning that for tomorrow.

I actually hoped to see one of these, but did not. Ann tells me they're pretty rare.

This guy is chilling out in the visitors' center along with some friends.

Last night I went to a party in Pine that Steve was helping to throw; it was a benefit for the local cemetery, with a $5 entrance fee and an all-day concert. This lovely tie-dyed hippie fest ordered perfect weather, exchanging blistering heat for a few minutes of rain and then lovely, cloudy chill.

I wandered around and made some friends, drank my 750 of Juniper Berry, and then fell asleep on the lawn. After the party, Ann and Steve's friends Rick and Ilene were kind enough to provide me a bed in their house. Their driveway was a touch terrifying - I stopped less than halfway up and parked the bike in the weeds after realizing that I was sliding backwards while holding onto the brakes. I made it out in the morning without incident, though. Apparently I should've learned a few motocross skills before coming to the land of sand.

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