Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Little Things: Washcloth

The Little Things is a series of posts about tiny and/or cheap travel items that I've learned to carry because they make my life so much easier.


The washcloth is not for me; it's for Bee. Every time I wake up on a dewey morning and find the seat and mirrors dripping, I whip this out and don't start my day with a wet ass. It also comes in handy for wiping other people's spit off my seat, on those mornings when I leave work to find some disrespectful hooligan's calling card waiting for me in all its slimy glory.


  1. Spitters really???
    This world...
    Some hard candy is essential for me.
    Also,I always carry a snack or two and a fair amount of water.
    Nothing worse than getting stuck in the side of the road without

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    2. Yeah, happened when I was working at the Post Office :( Hard candy for staying awake? I've heard of that but never tried it.