Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pictures from Florida

Near the DuPuis wildlife area on route 76 are these awesome-looking bee boxes. Bees already make me happy; a rainbow of bees is even better.

Key West has a healthy outlook on life.

When I was traveling in Ecuador in 2008, I found a dead rat near the train. It remained there, and I photographed it regularly over four months as it got flatter, and it became a running joke. Here, to continue tradition, is another dead rat, spotted in the Bight Marina.

This strangely creepy photo is of the Seven Mile Bridge. I have no idea why it seems to have been taken through a pane of wavy glass. I can tell you that Pigeon Key, which is underneath the bridge, is noticeably haunted.

This beautiful and impatient horse was more than ready to go adventuring at DuPuis.

A walk up Bathtub Reef beach collecting shells on our first day exploring Stuart, Florida.

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