Sunday, January 8, 2017

On the Road, -ish

As of Saturday January 7th, both of us are officially homeless, car-less, and unemployed. Ninety-nine percent of our things are locked in storage (basically everything but my snow boots, jacket, and laptop, which I'll keep on hand until we head out of New England).

Two friends' worldly possessions

I wish I could say we're all packed and ready to go, but Rogue has the exclusive rights to that one. My new Zega Mundo aluminum panniers from Touratech still aren't on the bike, because the exhaust is in the way. Bee's new battery is in a box in the living room of the house we just vacated, and my extra motorcycle is in that garage. My new tank bag arrived this week but can't go on the bike until I get access to my power drill, which I locked into storage on Tuesday, not realizing it would be needed for any purpose; even the pannier racks go on with hand tools. Bee is still short one back tire and one inspection sticker. In other words, I'm laughably unprepared, and we're leaving on Saturday.

Five days? Five measly blocks of 24 hours? Plenty. The only reason all this crap is still undone is that I was working too many hours to accomplish it, but now that my schedule is open, it's time to kill the to-do list. The only problem is that is snowed AGAIN yesterday and the back roads are like skating rinks. The one year I try to go car-less until the end of December is of course the first white Christmas we've had in fifteen years.

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