Sunday, January 8, 2017

Northampton, MA

Our friend Lammy, with whom we've been skating since 2011, invited us to stay with her for the interim days between moving out of the house and the end of my job at the post office. We showed up on Tuesday, and I was finally able to hang out by Saturday afternoon, having spent 0800 Wednesday through 0500 Saturday mostly working.

Excellent with Bengal Spice tea

On Saturday evening (which was Christmas in Moldova, according to my friend Ilona), she had her annual post-holiday holiday party. There was no caroling, despite a carefully arranged stack of songbooks in the living room, but there was a surprise leg of lamb and a spicy Indian liquor called Somrus.

Today, Sunday, is the first day I've had to relax since Thanksgiving. Even Christmas, although I didn't actually work, was just one long battle to stay awake. After brunch with Lammy's friend Leah, we threw together a hodgepodge of outdoor-ish clothing and went sledding. I throw myself down mountains on a snowboard with some regularity, but it had been many years since I'd done any sliding deliberately on my ass.

Rogue and Lammy reconnoiter

We got thoroughly snowy, walked to the Roost for coffee and board games, then returned home and made red curry, lentil stew, and quinoa for dinner.

"I'm leaving around 6," Lammy said, and I inquired as to where. "Practice!"

"Oh, right!" It's amazing how fast habits change. I've been attending practice on Sunday nights for months, and after just a few weeks it had completely slipped my mind.

Lammy, Rogue, and Wrecker enjoy winter

It feels strange not to be at work when it's dark outside. I'm readjusting to life as a day walker. Ten in the morning feels like the wee hours; 1600 is a good time for breakfast, and 2100 is lunch time. I'm curious how long it'll take me to remember that nighttime is for sleeping.

Lammy considers her next move

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  1. So good to re-meet you both! I'm excited to follow your adventures!