Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rogue: Sulphur, OK

Thursday morning, I woke up and made breakfast and watched a half dozen deer eating and gamboling at the next site over, not 100 feet from me. It was amazing. They knew I was there, they just didn't care.

I wandered over to the nature center nearby, about a mile walk away, and then past it to the natural springs. Buffalo and Antelope were north of the center, both having very different types of beauty to them. Buffalo looks like it belongs in a fantasy RPG video game.

Hungry now, I trekked back to Zee and we rode up into the town of Sulphur, which is button cute and full of history and smiling friendly people.

I ate a giant burger at a tiny diner called the Poor Ladies Cafe and it was glorious, even if the interior looked pretty generic.

On my way back to my tent, I stopped at Vendome well, which is where the locals stock up on water. It tastes a little too much like sulphur for me, but I guess the minerals are good for you.

Leaving the town, I headed down route 177 towards Buckhorn, the camping area Skipper had initially recommended. It was a lot less... wild than my area, it had showers! Which is always exciting to me.

So after chillin' by Lake Arbuckle for a few hours and watching the sunset, I returned to my campsite and my tent, intent to reach Illinois the next day.

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