Friday, September 9, 2016

Review: Inflatable Sleeping Pad - Klymit Static V

I made the silly mistake on my trip to Nashville of failing to bring a sleeping pad. "Oh two or three nights with just the sleeping bag will be fine." No. Back problems and sleeping on the ground don't play nice together. So I have a new thing for my gear collection!

It's a Klymit Static V that I found factory-refurbished on eBay. It rolls up into a bag that fits nicely in my hand, and the patch kit is nestled inside a tiny pocket in the bag. In fact, when I received it I initially thought the patch kit was missing because it's so tiny.

It took thirteen breaths to fully inflate, and seemed pretty comfortable when that was done. I haven't spent a night on it yet, but lying either on my back or my side, no part of me sagged enough to touch the ground. It's a tiny bit longer than I am (I'm 5'8"), which should be sufficient.

Update: I used this for two weeks of camping on the Team Nyan Cat trip, and I can't say enough good things about it. It keeps me warm and comfortable, and as long as it's sufficiently inflated, I have no problems with scraping hard parts on the ground. It rolls easily back to the same size it starts, with none of that "How did they ever get this in here?" nonsense. The only negative is that it's a little slidey, so if I move too much, my sleeping bag and I tend to inch off the side. The bright side of that is it doesn't pick up dirt and pine needles, so it stays very clean.

Upshot: I love the Static V and I never want to travel without it!

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